Are you in the process of expanding your home? Perhaps you wish to upgrade your electrical system? Involia I.T. & Electric will evaluate any current project you are involved in and make recommendations that can and will enhance your property as well as implement any of the following changes that you require:

  1. Rewiring as little, or as much, as needed from house to an out building
  2. The addition or replacement of any type of heating and/or cooling system
  3. Drawings, which can be made available upon request
  4. Any and all city or county permits pulled and inspected
  5. All electric and HVAC needs (upgrades, replacements, alterations, etc…) per California Building Code regulations

Upgrade your bathroom with some luxury, your kitchen, living or whole home with modern lighting, fittings and appliances.We can add style and comfort with under floor heating, stunning heated towel rails on eco timers, improving lighting and the extraction of moisture.

Typically kitchens are all about lighting, venting, and the amount of discrete power points that can be installed. Whether you are taking to opportunity to make your home safe from old wiring or completing major house extensions, the team of electricians at Involia can help.

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