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Regardless of whether you are relocating into a new commercial space, or remodeling/reconfiguring your current space of operations, our electricians at Involia Electric are the ones to handle all of your tenant finish electrical needs.

Involia is a full-service electrical contracting company servicing the California East Bay Area for over ten years. Our electricians can work with you to ensure that the wiring necessary for your commercial property properly supports your business needs and budget. What is also known as tenant improvement and/or tenant construction, is a service that includes office buildings, schools, health care offices, banks, libraries, retail outlets, restaurants, warehouses, and more.

We offer a multitude of tenant finish electrical services because whether your construction or remodel is in the design stages or constructing a complete tenant improvement finish, we help you get the electrical portion completed. With services that include installing the electrical service panel to the space, general wiring throughout, lighting within and without, phone and data lines, power generators, fire and security alarms, and security cameras.

Involia makes sure that our work is professional and timely; we understand that not all tenant finish work can be scheduled during non-business hours and because of this our electricians do their upmost to be conscientious of business operations and make an effort to keep the noise to a minimum, be tidy as they work, and complete the job as quickly as possible in order to disrupt as little of your businesses operations as possible.

When your commercial property requires tenant finish electrical services, call Involia Electric for your free consultation.

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