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Building someone's home from the ground up is an exciting experience but can be overwhelming and time consuming what with all of the decisions that require the attention of the owner as well as the contractor. Let us here at Involia Electric ease the electrical installations and outfittings of your residential build, everything from the placements of the outlets, installations of lights, hanging of ceiling fans, wiring and hanging of televisions, running wire for your pool and/or jacuzzi, and even the design and outfitting of your landscape lighting!

Call us today for a free estimate and let Involia Electric make your company's construction project more manageable.

Lighting retrofitting is the process of replacing components in lighting systems with parts that make it use energy more efficiently. Upgrades such as this lead to a reduction of energy use and typically the energy savings are significant enough to not only pay for new equipment, but produce a return on your investment as well.
At Involia Electric, we have electricians that can retrofit lighting systems to help promote and improve energy savings. Older light fixtures and lighting technology could be wasting valuable energy and money, whether that money is company profits or personal pay and savings. Involia operates with the goal of conserving our clients energy by reducing your energy needs and using those resources more efficiently.

Our experienced and certified electricians can take the lead on any new construction, remodeling, and/or retrofitting services needed. Involia electricians can create the right electrical plan to meet any particular project, whether you are building a new home, adding new space, interested in adding custom lighting in the interior or exterior location,planning necessary upgrades, or if you wish to save more money, you can count on Involia to get the job done.

Our electricians ensure your lighting and wiring will be structurally sound and wired properly for years after the project is completed. We guarantee it!

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