LED Lighting Design

LED lights are a smarter and greener solution to everyday lighting needs, and Involia Electric professionals can provide solutions to your LED lighting needs.

Did you know that the lighting efficiency of LED light bulbs is more than eight times that of incandescent lights and twice as high as fluorescent lights? LED light bulbs are also much more powerful than your standard fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. That is why the electricians at Involia Electric specialize in installing all types of LED lights for all kinds of homes.

LED lights are not only efficient, but do not contain mercury inside, unlike the fluorescent light bulbs being currently used so there is no need to treat or worry about your dead light bulbs as hazardous waste material. And because LED lights emit very small amounts of heat, they never get hot enough to cause fires, which Halogen and incandescent lights can.

The EPA recommends more people install LED lights in their home to reduce energy costs as well as for safety reasons. LED lights emit no damaging ultraviolet light, and can operate at 30,000 hours or more. One LED light bulb can easily outlast 30 incandescent light bulbs and even 6 fluorescent light bulbs, which lowers the necessity for constant switching out of those bulbs.

Are you considering updating or improving the cost and efficiency of your home? Concerned about your impact on the environment? Perhaps you would like a better lit room. An LED Light bulb can solve these and many more of your lighting problems, cheaper than the standard light bulbs.

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